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                                                                                                                                                                                                 We are a walking tour company focusing on the history of Women in London.

Join us to learn their stories, struggles and successes!

Most of the women we learn about in history fall into the category of Queen and Suffragette. We are taught that some women ruled, most had children and then eventually got the vote. up until recently, this is the narrative that history has presented to us, but our tours are here to show you there is more to uncover.

Concentrating on the men in history is half the story.
Women actively changed and affected history, not just as queens, and suffragettes, but nurses, politicians, writers, factory workers, prostitutes, teachers, mathematicians… the list is endless.

Our world today is built upon the actions of these women and we hope our walking tours will help to tell their stories.

We have two main tours ‘The Women of Westminster’ and ‘The Women of the East End’ which both focus on a range of women throughout history, from all types of backgrounds and classes and including women in nursing, education, royalty, campaigners and reformers as well as much more.

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Mission & Vision

We want to change how visitors to London experience the city by offering our women’s history walking tours throughout the year, in different ares covering the stories of women throughout history.

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Our Guides

We use experienced, professional and passionate guides to ensure the history behind the Women Of London is presented to you in the most interesting way!  

Becky Laxton-BASS


London born and passionate about history, tour guiding seemed like the perfect job. Becky began guiding over 4 years ago whilst studying History at University and made it her full time job once graduating. The only downside was that she felt not enough Women's History was being discussed, so in 2018 she launched Women Of London to challenge this. Now in charge of the tour bookings, organising and the social media pages, she spends most of her time researching new tours and the history of women, but also finds time to deliver the walking tours when possible.

Charlotte Everett

Tour Guide

Charlotte is originally from New Zealand. After completing her Masters degree at the University of Auckland, she worked extensively in theatre (both performance and production) and business development, before moving to London in 2007, which has been home ever since. In 2010 she’d had enough of corporate life, so decided to pursue her interest in history and London life – and train as a tour guide. She has been working as a professional tour guide ever since, covering all parts of London as well as Oxford.

Stephanie Kuypers

Tour Guide

Stéph is a bit of an army brat, hailing from the Netherlands, growing up in Austria, studying in Edinburgh, and calling London home for the last eight years. She would like nothing better than to follow in the footsteps of amazing literary women like Austen, Brontë, or Rowling, but when she’s not writing, she’s tourguiding around all parts of London since 2012. In love with the city and its hidden corners, she loves showing London off, highlighting its history, and the achievements of the many women who helped shape it.